My Income 2018 – Xernext

Rs 2,49,11,779 earned as part time in last 12 months
(Year 2019 target- Rs 4,00,00,000)

Learn the exact strategy & tricks by Xernext founders. Steps to Go from ZERO to $3million+ in revenue with E-commerce marketing and Digital Marketing


Our Earning

Nothing comes from Hardwork and Patience, Especially in Marketing. Started from a Job of Rs.20000 to Rs.2,00,00,000 just in 1 Year as Part Time, here I am.

So here is my Payment Proof of my both Shopify Store and my E-commerce Website.

Hello Friends,

Hailing from the
Heart of India, From Delhi to New Jersey, United States , I present you few amazing things you might have heard about but never went into Deep Depth.

Well, I am 24 and CEO of Xernext Inc. I got the best trusted Team from a long time now and we all crossed more than $3Million+

My 1st Job was in, The company where I started dreaming to have my own e-commerce platform. After than switched many companies like FOODPANDA, ROBLOX etc.

Struggling hard from self problems, from jobs, from lack of enough money and from betrayal from $3million here I am.

I do have experience in both Ecommerce and Digital Marketing from more than 4 Years now. So went United States for working in ROBLOX and came on e-commerce platform after leaning a lot from more than 20+ institutes ( only by taking 2 days demo classes 😂 because Institutes were like 30k, 50k and some were like 80k 😂 for complete marketing training. )

So Finally, I just want to share the exact
Strategy and Deep Practical Knowledge I took and which you should take for earning atleast 80000 Per Month as Part time while doing Job.

Most of you can be College Student or Employees from Call-Centers  or Marketing Aspirants. So I promise, my both Digital marketing and E-commerce marketing will change your entire Game of Life.

Along this we are giving many FREE services like
Free Premium Themes, Secret Strategies and More than Premium 1 Lakh Email DB for marketing which many institutes charge or don’t give in few cases.

Well, for more you can meet me anytime till December 2019.

Yes, I just want my Indian Friends, Brothers and Sisters to learn THE EXACT DIGITAL MARKETING PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE which most people don’t teach you so that they can’t raise niche competitor in their same field.

For more info : You can Call me or mail me Personally on Mayanksjs[email protected]

And Believe me, After this course Your Life won’t be Same it is right now. I have seen same struggles and I don’t want you to see more.

See ya,

Founder & Chairman

Xernext Inc

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